I support this project for three reasons:

1. High density at a subway station makes perfect city planning sense, to increase ridership on the subways. If not there, where?

2. Supportive housing must be dispersed throughout the city, including Kits where I live. People who for many reasons, fall through the cracks, need our compassion not our fears.

3. The shadow on the park argument is a cover for no not “them”. Actually too much direct sun is bad for little kids. Ergo… sunscreen.

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You’re probably right about #2 Brian.

Certainly more professional social worker or psychologist inputs might find the right mix of residents in this building.

Argue that point & you may get a workable solution that Eby may accept.

Still sticking to my #1 and #2 however.

The Coalition’s vehemence is not helpful and does smell of NIMBY. Sorry, but the label is being used for a reason. And Eby will likely overrule Council if they reject it, for this reason.

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